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13-15 years

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15 (1-Hour) Lessons - (15 Weeks)

'Experience' Money

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


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Fostering a Millionaire Mindset

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*Our Experiential Levels Explained

The Be Centsable BizTeens has only one (1) Experiential Level at this stage.

Be Centsable BizTeens TOPICS

  1. The Importance of Financial Management
  2. Gambling From a Probability Perspective
  3. Responsible Spending to Improve the Life's of Others & Protect the Environment
  4. Standards of Living, Quality of Life & Cost of Living Explained
  5. Currency & International Trade
  6. The Economy
  7. The Different Forms of Tax & How They are Calculated?
  8. Credit & Debit Cards in Perspective
  9. Possible Career Options, Education & Earning Potential
  10. Developing a Balanced Budget
  11. Simple & Compound Interest
  12. Monetary & Non-Monetary Forms of Giving
  13. Needs, Wants, Assets & Liabilities
  14. Developing & Tracking a Stock Portfolio
  15. What is Insurance & How it Works


"I know now how to save money for the future unforeseen circumstamces, have more knowledge about how to start a business ,making a profit and how to budget money . My overall performance in my school subjects also improved because I am able to relate what I learn from this programme to some of my school subjects. I am now a discipline learner because I know that success depends on hard work anf if it wasn’t for this programme, I wouldn’t have realized this. I know what I want to be and want to achieve in life. Thank you for this life changing course."

Mahlathi Phumelele


"I learned that saving money and investing is vital to become wealthy one day. The lesson on passive income and the differnence between assets and liabilities will help me forever."

Sinovuya Jaxa

Financial Literacy Is a Base Requirement That One Should Acquire At An Early Age.

Make The Best Investment In Your Child's Future!