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You market our Courses as an Affiliate on your website or other platforms and earn 20% commission on all sales.

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We take it one step further and setup a full localized Website and Shop for you to sell our full host of courses.

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As a registered NPO & PBO we welcome national & international corporates to ensure that our programmes reach the less priveledged.

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You want to Empower Kids, teens & young Adults to become the Authors of their Own Destiny!

The World of Work is changing significantly and we need to ensure that the Next generation is less dependent on the formal job market for their livelihoods. We should expect enormous growth in self-employment and small businesses, and prepare the young for these realities.

General Enquiries

If you have a general enquiry or just need more information you are more than welcome to email me, Danie Jacobs. I am the Founder of Young Entrepreneurs and are looking forward to connect with you. My email address is: [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in Young Entrepreneurs. Please browse further and have a look at our Courses. Preparing for the future starts today!