Suitable Ages

9-12 years

Live Online Classes

Online Platform & Mobile App


15 (1-Hour) Lessons - (15 Weeks)

'Experience' Money

The Do's & Don'ts


Games, Multimedia & Videos


Fostering a Millionaire Mindset

Experiential Levels*

Repetitive Experiential Exposure

Small Group Setting

Maximum Creativity Encouraged

Life Skills

21st Century Aligned

*Our Experiential Levels Explained

The Be Centsable Kidpreneurs Course has three (3) Experiential Levels & the one is not a prerequisite for the other, and can be done in any order. The Millionaire Mindset & Financial Literacy Principles & Best Practices are instilled through Repetitive Experiential Exposure. The principles of Earning, Spending, Saving, Sharing & Investing are Universal, but the Experience, Workbook, Games & Simulations are totally different. It is advisable to do all three levels!

Be Centsable Kidpreneurs TOPICS

  1. How the Economy Works
  2. Key Functions of Banks in Relation to Lending & Borrowing
  3. Understanding Tax
  4. Comparing Payment Methods
  5. The Earning Potential of Various Jobs
  6. Currency Conversions
  7. Needs & Wants in Perspective
  8. Setting Short & Long-Term Financial Goals
  9. The Different Categories in a Budget
  10. Saving Money and the Different Options
  11. Smart Shopping & Assessing Value for Money
  12. Responsible Spending Patterns for Planet Earth
  13. Short-Term Gains vs Long-Term Losses - Gratification in Perspective
  14. The Importance of Charitable Giving
  15. Understanding Investments as a Creator of Wealth


When we came across the YE Programme we immediately knew that we wanted our kids to join it. This programme came just as my husband and I were looking for ways to teach our kids to be money savvy. Because we all know that schools don't provide financial education, we knew that this was the best investment we could make for our kids.  Ever since they joined the programme, they have learnt so much from taxes, loans, currency, needs and wants with regards to money and more. We are very happy that we did this for our kids and would definitely encourage more parents to do the same.

Bonolo Mathosa


"I have learned about economic problems, budgeting, saving, spending, sharing, insurance, investing and currencies from other countries. I will work more careful with my money and become a smart shopper."

Busani George

We Recognize that Teenagers are Serious Spenders & that it Is Essential to Instill Proper Financial Management Practices.