Suitable Ages

7 & 8 years

Live Online Classes

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15 (1-Hour) Lessons - (15 Weeks)

'Experience' Money

The Do's & Don'ts


Games, Stories & Characters


Fostering a Millionaire Mindset

Experiential Levels*

Repetitive Experiential Exposure

Small Group Setting

Maximum Creativity Encouraged

Life Skills

21st Century Aligned

*Our Experiential Levels Explained

The Be Centsable Minipreneurs Course has two (2) Experiential Levels & the one is not a prerequisite for the other, and can be done in any order. The Millionaire Mindset & Financial Literacy Principles & Best Practices are instilled through Repetitive Experiential Exposure. What stays constant Where Money Comes From & to Save, Spend & Share, but the experience, workbook & games are totally different. It is advisable to do both levels!

Be Centsable Minipreneurs TOPICS

  1. Where does Money Come From?
  2. Key Features & Differences in our Coins & Notes
  3. The Flow of Money
  4. What Money Can't Buy
  5. What Banks Do
  6. Different Methods To Pay
  7. Differentiating Between Needs & Wants
  8. Setting Money Goals
  9. Understanding a Budget
  10. Smart Shopping
  11. My Earning Potential as a Kid
  12. Instant Gratification Debunked
  13. Responsible Spending
  14. Saving Money & the Different Methods
  15. The Significance of Sharing


"I enjoyed learning about money and banks. It was lots of fun. I also learned to make sure I get the right change when I buy something and that I cannot spend more than I have."

Danielle Jacobs


"I learned about money and the different ways to pay for something. Now I always check if I'm getting the right change when I buy something at the shop.  I enjoyed making broaches, I am going to sell them for lots of money and then save my money.”  

Buhle Ndweni



The Financial Habits you Develop When You Are Young Are Going To Remain With You Into Adulthood. Invest In The Financial Success Of Your Child!