Suitable Ages

9 -12 years

Live Online Classes

Online Platform & Mobile App


15 (1-Hour) Lessons - (15 Weeks)

Start a 'Real' Business

Experience Business & Money


Games, Multimedia & Videos


Fostering a Winning Mindset

Experiential Levels*

Repetitive Experiential Exposure

Small Group Setting

Maximum Creativity Encouraged

Life Skills

21st Century Aligned

*Our Experiential Levels Explained

The Kidpreneurs Course has three (3) Experiential Levels & the one is not a prerequisite for the other, and can be done in any order. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Attributes are instilled through Repetitive Experiential Exposure. What stays constant is the Entrepreneurial Process to start a business, but the experience, workbook & games are totally different. It is advisable to do all three levels!

Kidpreneurs TOPICS

  1. What do Businesses and Entrepreneurs do?
  2. Deciding on a Product
  3. Naming my Business
  4. Designing a Logo
  5. Setting Business Goals
  6. Identifying my Target Market
  7. My Product Design
  8. My Production Line
  9. Making Products
  10. Setting a Selling Price
  11. Calculating Profit
  12. Identifying Features and Benefits
  13. My Marketing Plan
  14. Final preparations for Market Day
  15. Conclusion and Recap


"I just want to say I love business! I enjoyed the programme and when I leave school I am going to do this. In your programme I learned how to open my own business and I learned how to make things like bracelets, photo frames, earrings, door signs and keyrings."

Siyolise Mpofy


"My son loves this course! He enjoys the lessons because they are interactive and fun, but also filled with information about current issues. He has started his own business selling soap and the opportunities that he has been granted through the course are amazing. He has learned so much about business and he is only 10 years old! Thank you for a wonderful programme and all the effort and enthusiasm!"

Marina Chalmers

Transform the Future of your child with Business Savvy skills and a Winning Mindset that prepare them for Fourth Industrial Revolution.