Suitable Ages

13 -15 years

Live Online Classes

Online Platform & Mobile App


15 (1-Hour) Lessons - (15 Weeks)

Start a 'Real' Business

Experience Business & Money


Games, Activities & Media


Fostering a Winning Mindset

Experiential Levels*

Repetitive Experiential Exposure

Small Group Setting

Maximum Creativity Encouraged

Life Skills

21st Century Aligned

*Our Experiential Levels Explained

The BizTeens Course has two (2) Experiential Levels & the one is not a prerequisite for the other, and can be done in any order. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Attributes are instilled through Repetitive Experiential Exposure. What stays constant is the Entrepreneurial Process to start a business, but the experience, workbook & games are totally different. It is advisable to do both levels!


  1. Introduction to the Programme
  2. Skills and Characterises required to be an Entrepreneur
  3. Screening Business Ideas and Opportunities
  4. Writing a Business Plan
  5. Knowing your Customers and Market
  6. Naming a Business and Designing a Logo
  7. Selecting a Location for your Business and Scheduling Trading hours
  8. Managing Inventory
  9. Pricing Products
  10. Budgeting for, Finding and Hiring Employees
  11. Advertising, Comparing, Purchasing and Designing advertising
  12. Using Business reports
  13. Finalising my Business Plan
  14. How can I Improve and Develop my Business
  15. Conclusion to the Programme


"I have learned that I am in charge of my life. I feel empowerd and confidents about the future. I want to start a business and employ other people - and become rich."

Mahlathi Phumelele


"I highly recommend Young Entrepreneurs. My son Euan thoroughly enjoys it and has grown tremendously, he looks at life and the world through new eyes. He feels that YE has also afforded him opportunities he would not otherwise have experienced this year. YE gives young people an edge in a competitive business and job market, it has also further inspired and motivated Euan to pursue his dreams. He ultimately wants to be self employed, to have more than one income stream, to be able to create employment for others and to give back to the community. Thank you for this AWESOME Course!"

Carol-Anne Isaacs Percival

Enable your child to become the Author of his/her own Destiny by having the Business and Skills that's needed to participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Sky is the Limit - if YOU are Equipped!