We Equip Teens With Specific Attributes That Promote Self-Awareness, Self-Leadership & Character Development!

The youth of our world should be empowered to become the authors of their own destiny. Our programme equip participants with skills & competencies essential for the 21st Century. They are taken out of their comfort zones, pushed to expand their boundaries, get to know themselves better and build their confidence. As a result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and a post Covid-19 Economy the world of work and business will never be the same again. Make informed decision about life after school and enroll for the Licence to Lead Programme. 



Self-Leadership; Self-Confidence; Diligence; Resilience; Curiosity; Communication; Teamwork; Innovation; Problem Solving; Flexible Thinking; Critical Thinking; Independence, and; Being Enterprising




80 Video Lessons

Guiding you every step of the way to become more than what you, yourself, has every thought possible!

Entrepreneurial Mindset Attributes

Essential to remain Relevant in 4IR

Higher-Order Cognitive Skills Sets

Those that can not be Automated

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"If it wasn't for this course, I wouldn't have really known what I wanted to be and achieve in life. This programme has really opened my mind and I realised that I have so many options to become successful in life!" Debra McKenzie 


"The Licence to Lead course has added more value to who I am today. Self-Leadership was one of the best modules /sessions. You discover your strengths and focus on your growth areas. I also know how to mirror my inner confidence to those around me by embracing the things that I love; to set goals and work hard to achieve them." Crispen Demingo


"This course is amazing. It helped me to find myself and to know what I want - how to live positive and deal with certain aspects that I would have never done. I started living 'outside the box'.Liesl Lessing


"This is a great course! It is not restricted to a certain age group ... everyone can benefit from learning the tools for personal leadership and leading others.  It opened my eyes to how much I can improve. I have a greater awareness of the importance of resilience, patience and optimism in my life"Euan Percival

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Examples out of our Amazing Workbook, with Activities & Templates